Raw material security
Our contribution to error-free research
Before processing

When selecting raw materials, Altromin focuses on long-term, regional partners within a radius of 30 km. Short ways allow contact and control of raw materials before they reach us.

In addition, all raw materials are controlled by external, accredited testing laboratories.

During processing

Production with state-of-the-art production technology takes place in a closed system. Strict safety protocols and safe testing systems and detectors ensure the purity of the products.

After processing

Altromin products undergo chemical and microbiological analytics. These investigations are carried out by accredited test laboratories.

Upon request, you will receive complete GLP analysis certificates of all products, including the results of residue analysis for contaminants.

A software ensures the 100% traceability of all ingredients of the last 10 years. A sample of each batch is archived for 12 months.

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