100% in-house production

Altromin deliberately chooses the location Germany.

In 2011, Altromin relocated its production site. The new premises are located in a modern industrial area in Lage, the city where Altromin was founded. It was important for the company management to secure all jobs and take responsibility for employees and their families.

As part of this renovation, we moved into a new production and office building and a new Techikum where we can produce charges starting at 1kg of various specifications.

Production of standard diets

The standard diets are usually produced in batches starting at 1,000 kg in the seperate production building. The latest technologies and automation techniques ensure the greatest security for Altromin standard diets.

Production of special diets

Altromin special diets are produced in the Technikum and are characterized by a GMP-compliant manufacturing process. A computer-controlled formulation and weighing system supports the manufacturing process.

From the delivery of raw materials to the fully packaged product, all processes remain with Altromin in-house.

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